You Are The One (2020)

You Are The One is original movies from Hong Kong release in 2020 with original title 我的筍盤男友 but this movies knowed As My 100 Boyfriend or My Shoot Plate Boyfriend.
You Are The One movies stories is about The mysterious Ma Fen meets the pessimistic Bao when he visits the nightclub that she is working part-time at. During a commotion at the club, Bao drags Ma Fen out of the place and takes him to the hospital to visit an unconscious woman, Pauline. Bao and Pauline`s older brother believe that Ma Fen is Pauline`s boyfriend, who`s responsible for her suicide attempt. Ma Fen is forced to stay at Bao`s home until they figure things out and slowly, he begins to think that she is cute. When it is confirmed that Ma Fen isn`t Pauline`s boyfriend, he finally gets to leave Bao`s home, promising that he will one day come and see her again. A month later, Bao comes home to find a luxury car parked in front of her house. To her surprise, it belongs to Ma Fen, who turns out to be a wealthy bachelor. Thus, begins a love story between Cinderella and her Prince Charming. (Source: Cinema Online)

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