Yama no Tom-san (2015)

Yama no Tom-san is original movies from Japan release in 2015 with original title 山のトムさん but this movies knowed As Yama no Tomsan.
Yama no Tom-san movies stories is about Hana, who had been living in Tokyo, starts life in the countryside with her friend Toki and Toki’s daughter Toshi, an elementary school student. It is a life that they are unaccustomed to. Hana is a writer and goes to Tokyo occasionally for work, but realises anew the merits of the life she has just begun in the countryside. She also brings her troubled nephew Akira who has just graduated from junior high school. The two women and two children are helped in their new makeshift family life by the supportive couple Gen and Shiori, who live nearby and give advice in various ways such as how to tend the fields and raise livestock. Little by little, they get used to the daily work. Toki’s natural ability to make things also becomes essential to their lives. In the middle of this, a new family member, Tom the cat, arrives. Kept to get rid of rats, the mischievous black and white feline twists the humans around a little and breathes new life into their lives.

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