Wushu (2008)

Wushu is original movies from Hong Kong release in 2008 with original title 武术 but this movies knowed As 武术之少年行 or 武术 or Wushu Zhi Shaonian Xing.
Wushu movies stories is about 10 years ago. Nine year old Li Yi and his younger brother Li Er, board a train to their school. Their father, Li Hui, is a teacher at this small town elite school of wushu (Chinese martial arts) which will be the backdrop to their growing up. The children, who have been brought up by their grandmother since their mother’s death, are excited to be starting a new life with him.
At the school the brothers get into trouble on their very first day and meet their life-long friends: Fang Fang, Xiao Zhang and Yang Yauwu. While Li Yi and Li Er adjust to living with their father, the five friends immerse their lives in learning the disciplines of martial arts with no other thought but to excel. When, by chance, they find a secret hideaway, they form their own gang, JINWUMEN, swearing allegiance to each other and to be the very best.

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