V.I.P. (2017)

V.I.P. is original movies from South Korea release in 2017 with original title 브이아이피 but this movies knowed As VIP.
V.I.P. movies stories is about Inspector Chae Yi Do is appointed to investigate a brutal serial murder case and immediately identifies a rich North Korean defector named Kim Gwang Il as the prime suspect. But Yi Do’s hands are tied when he finds out that his own government is protecting the suspect. Backed by the CIA, National Intelligence Services agent Jae Hyuk is assigned to interfere with the police investigation of Gwang Il. Despite having indisputable evidence against him, Yi Do is forced to release the suspect and is suspended for doing his job. Yet, North Korean officer Ri Dae Bum appears before him and proposes a joint investigation to capture the serial killer by any means necessary. (Source: KoBiz)

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