Undulant Fever (2014)

Undulant Fever is original movies from Japan release in 2014 with original title 海を感じる時 but this movies knowed As When I Sense the Sea or Umi wo Kanjiru Toki.
Undulant Fever movies stories is about High school student Emiko (Yui Ichikawa) meets an older student named Yo (Sosuke Ikematsu) in the high school newspaper club. One day, Emiko is kissed by Yo and they have sex impulsively. Since that time, whenever Emiko, who does not know love, sees Yo, she asks him to have sex. As time goes by, Yo moves away to attend college in Tokyo. Meanwhile, Emiko works at a flower shop just because she wants to be close to Yo. Emiko is hurt by Yo’s rejection, but whenever she meets him she has sex with him.

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