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Tetsu Ota Michiko, 2 Man Kiro (2022)

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Tetsu Ota Michiko, 2 Man Kiro is original movies from Japan release in TV Tokyo 2022 with original title 鉄オタ道子、2万キロ but this movies knowed As Tetsu Ota Michikoor 20or000 km.
Tetsu Ota Michiko, 2 Man Kiro stories is about Oogane Michiko, who works in the planning sales department of a famous furniture maker, had a traumatic experience with her ex-boyfriend in the past. Being a railway otaku for 10 years, she uses her free time to visit train stations on local lines nationwide where she meets various people, enjoys the scenery and delicacies. (Source: @doramaworld on twitter)

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