Xin Dong Jing Bao Di Er Ji or 心动警报 2 or 心動警報 第二季 Full episodes free online

The Crush Season 2 (2021)

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The Crush Season 2 is original movies from China release in Youku 2021 with original title 心动警报 第二季 but this movies knowed As Xin Dong Jing Bao Di Er Ji or 心动警报 2 or 心動警報 第二季.
The Crush Season 2 stories is about 35 years old, divorced and single, Yi Xing Yan met Zhou Si Xing, a young career junior and her former student in the company. The age gap, the pressure of reality, and the company’s system ultimately did not hinder their advent of love. In the process of trying to get along, there is the sweetness of love, and it is full of differences that cannot be ignored. Yi Xing Yan and Zhou Si Xing were learning how to love each other better during their running-in. However, her ex-husband failed to reconcile, and used despicable means to separate the two, which triggered a crisis of unemployment for the two. (Source: Douban)

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