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Night Doctor (2021)

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Night Doctor is original movies from Japan release in Fuji TV 2021 with original title ナイト・ドクター but this movies knowed As Naito Dokuta.
Night Doctor stories is about Japan’s emergency medical care system suffers from a severe labor shortage. Overtime work per doctor in emergency medical care rises, with a lack of experienced doctors being the cause of the problem. Night time emergency medical care is worse than daytime. The Hakuoukai Asahi Kaihin Hospital, which is a hospital branch of the Hakuoukai Group, starts a reform of the emergency medical care system at their hospital. They create a night doctor system. The night doctor is an emergency medical team that only works during night duty. Thanks to this system, the shift system is abandoned and the hospital is able to appropriate care 24 hours a day. Asakura Mitsuki, Naruse Akihito, Fukazawa Arata, Sakuraba Shun and Takaoka Yukiho are members of the night doctor team. These five doctors differ in personalities and age, but, under the motto of never refusing a patient, they begin their work. (Source: AsianWiki)

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Genre: Drama, Medical