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Witches (2020)

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Witches is original movies from South Korea release in MBC 2020 with original title 마녀들 but this movies knowed As Witches.
Witches stories is about Yoon Bo Mi of Apink Comedian Kim Min Kyoung, the former rhythmic gymnast Shin Soo Ji, Cheerleader Park Ki Ryang, Anchorwoman Park Ji Young, and Actress Kang So Yeon are huge fans of baseball. They come together to actually try playing baseball themselves instead of just watching it. Although they all work in different industries, they unite thanks to their mutual love of the sport. Together, they strive to compete against other amateur teams. Will their earnest desire to work together and their ambition to win make all the difference? How will they grow together as a team? (Source: KOCOWA)

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