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Arrogant ()

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Arrogant is original movies from China release in iQiyi with original title 隅我同行 but this movies knowed As Xiao Zhang or Yu Wo Tong Xing or 嚣张 or Summer and I Walk Together.
Arrogant stories is about Lin Wu Yu has been named the academic god of his high school: calm, confident, and forever effortlessly able to get first place. Ding Ji flaunts his photographic memory and claims to be the most powerful person in the world. These two people who initially don’t have anything in common meet due to the spinning gears of fate. Lin Wu Yu discovers that the seemingly sloppy, careless Ding Ji is in fact outstandingly smart. After a series of hilarious misunderstandings, the reason why Ding Ji is unwilling to be called a child prodigy gradually reveals itself. Two equally clever and exceptional teens, with similar yet not completely identical family troubles, slowly grow closer as they deepen their understanding of each other, little by little. ~~ Adapted from the web novel

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