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Er Long Hu Love Story 2020 (2020)

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Er Long Hu Love Story 2020 is original movies from China release in Youku 2020 with original title 二龙湖爱情故事2020 but this movies knowed As Er Long Hu Ai Qing Gu Shi 2020.
Er Long Hu Love Story 2020 stories is about Following Zhang Li Dong’s return to Erlong Lake Village to start a business, he and Wang Chun Hua produce outstanding results in managing Lidongxi Restaurant. Meanwhile, Zhang Li Dong’s ecological aquaculture concept unexpectedly stands out at a conference held by the township government. It not only earns recognition but is also granted financial support. After Zhang Li Dong discusses the newest developments with Wang Chun Hua, the two decide to invest in fish farming in hopes of leading their fellow villagers to prosperity while protecting the ecological environment of Erlong Lake. Coincidentally, Ai Qing Qing has come to the village after her studies abroad to do research on gray cranes. She forms a good impression of Zhang Li Dong which has made Wang Chun Hua quite jealous. Caught in an awkward position, things get worse when Zhang Li Dong’s ex-wife returns with the intention of getting back together again. (Source:

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Genre: Comedy, Drama