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Cain and Abel (2018)

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Cain and Abel is original movies from Philippines release in GMA 2018 with original title Cain at Abel but this movies knowed As Color Of my Blood.
Cain and Abel stories is about Cain at Abel is an action-family drama about two brothers, Daniel and Miguel, who grew up in two very different worlds. As children, they were separated by fate. Daniel was raised comfortably in the city by his father. Miguel, on the other hand, was taken by his mother who later changed his name to Elias. They relocated to a poor fishing village where they struggled to make ends meet. Years later, Daniel and Miguel/Elias were drawn together by their mutual affections: the father who brought them apart, the mother they yearn for, and the woman they both love. (Source: GMA Network Offical Website)

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Genre: Action, Drama