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My Grandma is original movies from Japan release in with original title ぼくのおばあちゃん but this movies knowed As Boku no Obaachan.
My Grandma stories is about Home-design sales representative Tomohiro (Kenichi Okamoto) lives with his wife and their son. As his job involves houses, it is his motto to take great care of the family who live in the house. However, he has been working so hard that he has forgotten to cherish his own family. When he looks after a client who wants to leave her father-in-law in a nursing home, it reminds him of his grandmother ([Kin Sugai]]) whom he loved so much. Father’s death, grandmother’s struggle with disease, and home care – those were grueling times, but the memories have become invaluable for Tomohiro. He realizes his family is the most precious thing of all, though he has forgotten to care about them. On a day off, he and his family decide to visit his mother who lives alone in their old hometown.

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Genre: Family