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MARS (2004)

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MARS is original movies from Taiwan release in GTV 2004 with original title 戰神 but this movies knowed As Zhan Shen or God of War or.
MARS stories is about Han Qi Luo, an extremely shy art student went to the same college as Chen Ling,a popular play boy. By chance one day they met at a park when CL asked HQL for direction to a hospital to visit his friend who was injured in a bike racing incident. Hurriedly HQL drew him a map, unknowing that she was drawing on the back of one of her sketches. She ran off before he could thank her. He then noticed the sketch of a mother holding a baby and was touched. In school HQL was sexually harassed by a teacher and CL came to her rescue. They began to grow fond of each other but each of them had a secret past that needed to be addressed and overcome before they could accept and love one another freely. ~~ Adapted from the manga “MARS” (マース) by Soryo Fuyumi (惣領冬実).

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