Touch of the Light (2012)

Touch of the Light is original movies from Taiwan release in 2012 with original title 逆光飛翔 but this movies knowed As Ni Guang Fei Xiang.
Touch of the Light movies stories is about Taipei, the present day. Born blind, to parents with a flower-growing business in rural Taiwan, Huang Yu-hsiang (Huang Yu-hsiang) is a talented pianist who faces his first time away from home when he goes to attend university in the capital. He’s the first blind student in the college’s musical faculty. His mother (Lee Lieh) helps him during the first few days and he has a friendly roommate in Chu Tzu-ching (Hsieh Kan-chu), who wants to start a band of his own. Near the college, Chieh (Sandrine Pinna) works in a small fruit-juice shop, despite the naggings of her spendthrift mother (Ko Shu-chin) to get a better job. Stuck in an unsatisfying relationship with a rap dancer (MC40), she dreams of taking up modern ballet seriously, and finally enrols in some free classes. Yu-hsiang and Chieh meet in the street one day, when she helps him find his way to an elementary school where he’s giving music lessons, and they inspire each other to fulfil their dreams.

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