This Is Not What I Expected (2017)

This Is Not What I Expected is original movies from China release in 2017 with original title 喜欢你 but this movies knowed As Xi Huan Ni or 男人使用手册 or 男人手册 or 你看上去很好吃.
This Is Not What I Expected movies stories is about 29-year-old Gu Sheng Nan is a chef at a Western restaurant in a hotel who is in a secret relationship with the hotel’s general manager. After a financial crisis hit the hotel, the manager breaks up with her and she loses her job at the same time. In this state of distress, she meets the picky and arrogant Lu Jin, who is there to take over the hotel, and forms a relationship with him. They become a couple despite their wildly different personalities, bonding over their love for food. ~~ Adapted from the novel ‘Finally I Get You’ (终于等到你) by Lan Bai Se.

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