The Uninvited (2003)

The Uninvited is original movies from South Korea release in 2003 with original title 4인용 식탁 but this movies knowed As A Table for Four or 4 Inyong Shiktak.
The Uninvited movies stories is about During a ride on the subway, Jeong Won sees two young girls asleep on the train. He notices that they are alone, but he has to get off on his stop. The next day, he learns that the girls were poisoned on the train. When he arrives home, he keeps seeing the girls. They keep haunting him and it’s slowly driving him crazy. With the help of Yeon, the only other person able to see the children, Jeong Won tries to solve the mystery behind the two ghost children. Along the way, he finds out things from his past that he has forgotten.

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