The Swindlers (2017)

The Swindlers is original movies from South Korea release in 2017 with original title 꾼 but this movies knowed As Kkoon or Ggoon or Conman.
The Swindlers movies stories is about Jang Doo Chil, a con artist who had been reported dead after committing a grand fraud case is rumored to be alive. A prosecutor, Park Hee Soo, who was in collusion with the con man needs to eliminate him to avoid a corruption scandal. When tracking down the con man, Hee Soo meets another fraudster named Ji Sung who is also after the same man for a personal revenge. Realizing their mutual goals, they decide to team up, but with hidden motives. They then recruit other swindlers; Suk Dong, Choon Ja, and Chief Kim, to throw bait at Jang Doo Chil’s right-hand man, Seung Gun.

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