The Stool Pigeon (2010)

The Stool Pigeon is original movies from Hong Kong release in 2010 with original title 綫人 but this movies knowed As 线人.
The Stool Pigeon movies stories is about Police inspector Don works with stool pigeons – dangerous informants willing to rat on others for the right price. Don is also wracked with guilt after the near-death of his prior stool pigeon Jabber, who is now insane and living out of cardboard boxes. Don learns that a jewelry heist gang led by a man known named Barbarian is back in Hong Kong and setting up for their next score. Word on the streets is that the gang is in need of a getaway driver. Don then attempts to recruit Ghost Jr., an ex-con supremely talented at street car racing, as his next stool pigeon. When Ghost Jr. discovers that his sister works as a prostitute to pay off their dead father’s debt, Ghost Jr. decides to work for Don.

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