The Stolen Years (2013)

The Stolen Years is original movies from China release in 2013 with original title 被偷走的那五年 but this movies knowed As Bei Tou Zou De Wu Nian or.
The Stolen Years movies stories is about Can a divorced couple fall in love all over again? The film opens with a happy young couple on their honeymoon, but catastrophe strikes almost immediately when the newlyweds get into a motorcycle accident. The bride, He Mann wakes up in a hospital asking for her husband, but she soon learns that it’s been five years since her honeymoon. She has no memory of the years in between — all she knows is that she’s in the hospital now because of another accident. And, oh yes, she’s divorced. Despite the premise, “Stolen Years” veers from tragedy as Mann tries to figure out how her marriage soured and where her life went off-track.

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