The Second Sight (2013)

The Second Sight is original movies from Thailand release in 2013 with original title จิตสัมผัส 3D but this movies knowed As Chitsamphat 3D.
The Second Sight movies stories is about Jet is a man with second sight or in more simple terms, he has psychic abilities and can see what other people cannot, even his mother’s death. Eventually growing up, Jet begins using his abilities to his advantage within his professional field, using it to know about his clients as a lawyer and help them win the case. One night, however, there is a huge accident on Rama bridge caused by a tycoon’s adopted daughter, Kaew, and seven people ended up dying as result. Jet gets handed the young woman’s case as her defence lawyer, and soon finds out that there is much more behind this accident and the young girl named Kaew. (Source: MyDramaList)

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