The Screen at Kamchanod (2007)

The Screen at Kamchanod is original movies from Thailand release in 2007 with original title ผีจ้างหนัง but this movies knowed As Pee chang nang or.
The Screen at Kamchanod movies stories is about Set in 2007, a modern world still haunted by past mystery. Dr. Yuth is obsessed with finding the truth behind the newspaper report on the incident in which film projectionists were hired to screen movies to a throng of ghosts. Dr Yuth’s girlfriend, Orn, who suffers from his creepy obsession, wants to leave him but instead becomes part of his experiment. They set out to Kamchanod with two senior journalists who believe they will have a shot at journalistic fame if they uncover the whole truth. Roj, a homeless kid who has a crush on Orn, worms his way into the group and accompany the Bangkokians on their trip. They all venture into the macabre terrain of Kamchanod in the hope of finding out whether the ghosts actually hired the projectionists to screen outdoor movies for them. The supernatural will merge with the reality, and those who’re looking for explanation will only encounter more ghostly mysteries that may cost them their sanity, if not their lives.

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