The Potato Symphony (2009)

The Potato Symphony is original movies from South Korea release in 2009 with original title 감자 심포니 but this movies knowed As Gamja Simponi or Gamja Shimponi.
The Potato Symphony movies stories is about Baek Yi used to be known as the best fighter in his high school along with Hyuk and Jul Byuk. They constantly clashed with ‘The Picks’, a gang led by Jin Han. They were always better than the Picks. Twenty years later, Baek Yi’s crew, now nearing forty, meet for drinks. They mull over the news that Jin Han donated a scholarship to his high school, even though he had been expelled. And when Baek Yi’s friend, Hyuk and Jul Byuk, get beaten up by the members of the Picks for a trivial reason, a new situation arises. The old bachelor Baek Yi falls in love with a woman named Jin which complicates relations among everyone.

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