The Odd One Dies (1997)

The Odd One Dies is original movies from Hong Kong release in 1997 with original title 两个只能活一个 but this movies knowed As Liang ge zhi neng huo yi ge.
The Odd One Dies movies stories is about A failure of a Triad who is desperate for money decides to accept an assassination mission. With his advance in money he decides to risk it in gambling, he becomes lucky and wins a fortune. With all this money he is not so sure that he wishes to do the murder anymore, he looks for a hitman to take his place. He finds a women willing to take the job but she ends up more trouble than he expected. He ends up falling in love with her and he is not sure about sending her to kill or to do the job himself and take the risk. During the next few days they will prepare to make the hit.

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