The Knot (2006)

The Knot is original movies from China release in 2006 with original title 云水谣 but this movies knowed As Yun Shui Yao.
The Knot movies stories is about In the beginning, they fell in love. Chen Qiu Shui was 20. Wang Bi Yun was 18. When Qiu Shui fled Taiwan after the 228 Massacre, Bi Yun gave him a gold engagement ring, and they promised to meet again. Qiu Shui served as an army doctor during the Korean War, where he met Wang Jin Di, a nurse from Shanghai who fell in love with him instantly. Years had gone by, Jin Di followed Qiu Shui to Tibet and was killed in an avalanche. While in Taiwan, Bi Yun buried Qiu Shui’s mother and continued to pray for his return. Now, Bi Yun is living in Los Angeles. Her adopted daughter has travelled to Tibet to retrace Qiu Shui’s footsteps. Through the pictures she sends back via the Internet, Bi Yun can see Qiu Shui’s final resting place.

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