The Jade and the Pearl (2010)

The Jade and the Pearl is original movies from Hong Kong release in 2010 with original title 翡翠明珠 but this movies knowed As Fei Cui Ming Zhu.
The Jade and the Pearl movies stories is about Princess Yan becomes engaged to a King from the faraway state of Fan. Princess Yan & her entourage are then escorted to the Fan State by General Ching Hin (Raymond Lam). During the long journey, Princess Yan & General Ching Hin often bicker with each other, but soon falls in love. The couple even exchanges loves tokens – a pearl from Yan’s dowry and a family treasure jade from General Ching Hin. Suddenly, the convey is attacked and Princess falls off a cliff and loses her memory. General Cheng is taken by a group of bandits led by Chuk Sam Leung (Joey Yung). The princess is saved by a storyteller named Ling Kam Hoi (Cho-lam Wong) and starts a new life with him, not rembering she is royalty. When Princess Yan and General Cheng finally reunite, Princess Yan has fallen in love with Ling Kam Hoi.

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