The Golden Monk (2017)

The Golden Monk is original movies from China release in 2017 with original title 降魔大圣 but this movies knowed As 神魔道 or 神魔 or 济公 or Shen Mo Dao or Ji Gong or 降魔传 or Jiang mo zhuan.
The Golden Monk movies stories is about In the Xuanguang Temple resides a Buddhist monk with supernatural powers named Bu Tong. One day, Bu Tong’s mentor, Kong, is struck by lightning and realises that he is the reincarnation of Crouching Tiger Arhat, who came to the human world to give guidance to Bu Tong. Bu Tong was the original Golden Child, punished by God to experience life and death one hundred times as he broke a sacred rule by falling in love with another fairy, Jade. While Golden Child’s memories were erased, Jade refused to forget their love and accumulated goodwill over one hundred reincarnations…

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