The Gingko Bed (1996)

The Gingko Bed is original movies from South Korea release in 1996 with original title 은행나무 침대 but this movies knowed As Eunhaengnamu Chimdae or.
The Gingko Bed movies stories is about The painter Su Hyun is plagued by visions. In them, he sees a mysterious woman and an old bed of ginkgo wood. It is this bed, he finds in a street market and takes it home. Even the old-fashioned-dressed woman he meets again suddenly. To get clarity about the strange events, Su Hyun looks for a wise old man. This reveals to him that he was the reincarnation of a highly talented musician who was murdered in front of many centuries for its love of a princess from a tyrannical warrior Hwang, who had also fallen in love with this woman. In this old bed now lying dormant for ages the spirit of the princess and hopes for the return of her lover. But Hwang, as she was condemned to eternal life, has come back and pulls out a bloody trail through the modern Seoul.

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