The File (2015)

The File is original movies from South Korea release in 2015 with original title 파일 : 4022일의 사육 but this movies knowed As 더 파일 or Deopail.
The File movies stories is about The news anchor ‘Soo-gyeong’ unexpectedly meets up with her childhood friend ‘Mi-soo’. Back when they were teenagers, they went to the baseball park and disappeared without a trace leaving only Soo-gyeong’s painful memories of Mi-soo. And now, meeting Mi-soo again the once lively young girl has become someone completely different.
Passing time together with her boyfriend ‘Dong-min’ Mi-soo’s strange attitude starts to worry Soo-gyeong so that she pushes herself away and worries about how close Mi-soo and Dong-min have become.

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