The Deal (2015)

The Deal is original movies from South Korea release in 2015 with original title 살인의뢰 but this movies knowed As Murder Request or Salinuiroe.
The Deal movies stories is about Tae Soo, a veteran cop, goes after a hit-and-run case and succeeds in capturing the serial killer suspect, Gang Chun. Not long after his victory, Tae Soo realizes that his sister Soo Kyung was the last victim. Gang Chun, sentenced to death, refuses to reveal the whereabouts of the victims’ bodies. The lives of Tae Soo and his brother-in-law Seung Hyun are devastated. Three years later, Tae Soo handles a murder case of a gangster boss and to his surprise, finds evidence that Seung Hyun is the prime suspect. Also, he finds links that the killed boss hates the former boss, who’s in the same prison as Gang Chun. A fierce chase starts between the heartless killer and two desperate men whose lives are changed after the murder. (Source: KoBiz)

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