The Calligraphy Master (2015)

The Calligraphy Master is original movies from China release in 2015 with original title 啟功 but this movies knowed As Qi Gong or.
The Calligraphy Master movies stories is about A compelling biopic about Qi Gong, China’s most prestigious calligrapher and ink painter. This biopic follows the middle and later years of the life of Qi Gong (1912-2005), China’s most prestigious calligrapher and ink painter, whose dedication to teaching his art influenced many generations of artists. A lifelong yet unconcerned victim of forgery (‘they do it better than me’), Qi Gong suffered for his calling, particularly during the Cultural Revolution. Yet throughout his life, he showed a tolerance and generosity of spirit that made him a beloved teacher and an icon for traditional Chinese Culture.

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