The Bodyguard from Beijing (1994)

The Bodyguard from Beijing is original movies from Hong Kong release in 1994 with original title 中南海保鑣 but this movies knowed As The Defender or 中南海保镖 or Zhōngnánhǎi Bǎobiāo.
The Bodyguard from Beijing movies stories is about After spoiled débutante Michelle Yeung witnesses a powerful businessman committing homicide, she realizes that her life is in grave danger. Her boyfriend Leung hires a crack bodyguard named Hui Ching-yeung. Stoic, compact, and commanding authority, Hui immediately rubs Michelle the wrong way. He forbids her from leaving the house to hang out with friends to the mall, fearing that assassins might be lying in wait. Yet after a torrent of bitter complains, Hui agrees to let her go on a shopping excursion. Of course, a band of thugs immediately pounce and only Hui’s quick-thinking manages to save the day. Afterwards, Michelle starts to realize the degree of danger she is in and comes to appreciate Hui’s vigilance. Love soon blooms, but not before an ace killer gets hired from the Mainland.

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