The Advocate: A Missing Body (2015)

The Advocate: A Missing Body is original movies from South Korea release in 2015 with original title 성난 변호사 but this movies knowed As Angry Lawyer or Sungnan Byeonhosa.
The Advocate: A Missing Body movies stories is about Byeon, a hotshot lawyer, successfully defends a large company in a new drug side effect lawsuit. The company’s chairman asks Byeon to represent his chauffeur who is charged with a murder of a female student. It’s a case without a body. Only a large pool of blood was discovered at the crime scene. The chauffeur is the only suspect who was apprehended at the crime scene, and there is also an eyewitness. The public prosecutor for the case is Jin who was involved in a relationship with Byeon. In order to ensure his win, Byeon goes out to prepare a false witness. However, on the last day of the trial, an unexpected turn of events results in Byeon losing the case. (Source: CJ Entertainment)

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