Teacher and Three Children (2008)

Teacher and Three Children is original movies from Japan release in 2008 with original title 石内尋常高等小学校 花は散れども but this movies knowed As Hanawa Chiredomo or.
Teacher and Three Children movies stories is about Set at the end of the Taisho era (1920s) at Ishiuchi Jinjo Higher Elementary School in the mountains of Hiroshima prefecture, there was a fervent teacher called Mr. Ichikawa. He always placed his pupils first and took any issues to heart. His warm personality is forever remembered by his former pupils. For Yoshito, who skipped town after his family went bankrupt, Mr. Ichikawa’s memory remains especially precious. 30 years later, a reunion is organized to celebrate Mr. Ichikawa’s retirement. Yoshito, who has gone to Tokyo but remains a struggling screenwriter, musters courage to attend the gathering where he has a tearful reunion with the teacher. Thereafter, Yoshito visits Mr. Ichikawa whenever possible, however, his advancing age means he is getting closer to the end of his life.

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