Summer Blooms (2017)

Summer Blooms is original movies from Japan release in 2017 with original title 四月の永い夢 but this movies knowed As Shigatsu No Nagai Yume.
Summer Blooms movies stories is about Hatsumi Takimoto has found some solidarity within her life, having given up on her job as a teacher and working part-time at a small family-run cafe. However, the past she fled from begins to creep up on her when a former student of hers, a struggling jazz singer, asks for her help in escaping from an abusive relationship. This confrontation forces Hatsumi to reflect on her past and the romantic ideals she has suppressed after the death of her previous partner, 3 years ago. Furthering disrupting Hatsumi’s attempt to conceal her past, the cafe closes, which causes a regular customer to confess his feelings for her. Meanwhile, a former co-worker going on maternity leave tries to convince Hatsumi to get back into teaching. With all these changes at once, Hatsumi realizes that in order to move forward with her life, she must confront her past, and decides to head back to the town where her deceased lover grew up to make amends with his family. (Source: AsianMoviePulse)

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