Spirits’ Homecoming (2016)

Spirits’ Homecoming is original movies from South Korea release in 2016 with original title 귀향 but this movies knowed As Gwihyang or Homecoming or.
Spirits’ Homecoming movies stories is about In 1943, 14-year-old Jung Min’s ordinary yet happy life shatters when she is taken by Japanese soldiers to a comfort station located in China. There, as comfort women, a bunch of young girls are sexually abused. Despite her hope for life innocent, Jung Min ends up being killed like most of the girls. In 1991, Eun Kyung, who bears the scar of sexual violence, eventually finds out that she has an extraordinary power of being able to communicate with the dead. Staying at a shaman’s temple, she meets Young Ook, one of those few survivors from the comfort station, and is asked to bring back her lost friend Jung Min. Eun Kyung starts a Homecoming ritual. (Source: KoBiz)

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