Solace (2006)

Solace is original movies from South Korea release in 2006 with original title 사랑할 때 이야기하는 것들 but this movies knowed As .
Solace movies stories is about In Ku owns a small retail pharmacy, while taking care of his mentally disabled brother. In the past, he was set for marriage, until his fiance’s parents refused to allow the marriage because of his brother. Hye Ran runs a small retail booth in Dongdaemyun Shopping Center. Often, she resorts to selling counterfeit merchandise to make ends meet. When her father passed away, he left her saddled with his large debts. As fate has it, In Ku and Hye Ran meet in a chance encounter and find solace in each other’s company. As they grow closer to each other, so do their problems.

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