Snow Woman (2016)

Snow Woman is original movies from Japan release in 2016 with original title 雪女 but this movies knowed As Yuki Onna or Yukionna or ゆきおんな.
Snow Woman movies stories is about One snowy night, in a mountain hut, Minokichi, a hunter, sees a snow woman kill his mentor Mosaku. “Should you tell anyone, I will take your life” she says, then drifts off. A year later, Minokichi meets and marries a beauty named Yuki. She bears him a daughter, Ume. 14 years pass and Ume blossoms into a radiant lady who befriends a sickly Mikio, the village leader’s son and Mosaku’s distant relative. Mikio soon dies in the same hut as Mosaku, with his body showing the same frostbite scars. Minokichi is reminded of that horrid night, and wonders what it was that he saw, and who Yuki really is. (Source: ~~ Release dates: Oct 28, 2016 (Festival) || Mar 4, 2017 (Cinema)

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