Shogun’s Samurai (1978)

Shogun’s Samurai is original movies from Japan release in 1978 with original title 柳生一族の陰謀 but this movies knowed As Yagu ichizoku no inbo or The Yagyu Clan Conspiracy or Intrigue of the Yagyu Clan.
Shogun’s Samurai movies stories is about At the death of the second Tokugawa Shogun,rivalry is born to know who’ll succeed him. His eldest son, Iemitsu Tokugawa is ugly, stutters, and seems to lack of charisma to take his father’s place. With the help of chancellor Doi, his mother seems to have a preference for her youngest son, Tadanaga. But the Shogun’s fencing master, Tajima Yagyu, and some court members support Iemitsu. Each side manage to convince their protégés to fight for the position as Shogun. Thus the two brothers end up by fighting with each other in war that mixes up battles and treasons.

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