Saigo no Okurimono (2016)

Saigo no Okurimono is original movies from Japan release in 2016 with original title 最後の贈り物 but this movies knowed As .
Saigo no Okurimono movies stories is about Fujiki Sana, a programmer at network game company Neo Genesis, has been researching a “virtual human nurturing game” using artificial intelligence. A simulated foetus created by CG is sleeping in the screen that she is watching intently. Its speed of development is seven times faster than a human being. Together with Kiyotake Mitsuo, the head of the development team, and Mizushima Moemi, a junior programmer, Sana inputs vast amounts of data into the simulated foetus, making it grow at a rapid pace in an attempt to create an imaginary character. Michio Harutaka, a key development member, is Sana’s fiance and they plan to hold their wedding soon, but an incident happened. Later, Sana starts to enter all sorts of data relating to her late husband Harutaka into AI. Wanting to see Harutaka again, Sana attempts to recreate him in a virtual world now and produces AI with a personality and emotions just like Harutaka. She devotes herself to the work of entering data more than actual child raising. However, as it develops, she starts to realise the differences from the actual Harutaka. She eventually makes a decision. But she does not know that it will bring about an unexpected outcome.

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