Sad Fairy Tale (2012)

Sad Fairy Tale is original movies from China release in 2012 with original title 伤心童话 but this movies knowed As Shang Xin Tong Hua or Seung Sam Tung Wa or 傷心童話.
Sad Fairy Tale movies stories is about Liu Tong is a computer programmer in a film and television studio. He is a small potato who is quiet, stubborn and solitary. His beautiful colleague, Yang Jia, is adored and pampered by all. She has an innocent aura and could almost pass as a princess in a fairytale. Many people in the company are attracted to her, including her covetous boss. But Yang remains stubbornly single. Liu pays close attention to Yang, helping her resolving her harassment problem with courage and wisdom. In order to protect herself from the boss, Yang always pretends to faint at the right moment. During these times, Liu stays by her side. One day, he comes up with the groundbreaking idea of making Yang believes that she can leap through time so that she can be a true fairytale princess.

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