Royal Warriors (1986)

Royal Warriors is original movies from Hong Kong release in 1986 with original title 皇家戰士 but this movies knowed As In the Line of Duty or Police Assassins or Wong Ga Jin Si or 小蝦米對大鯨魚.
Royal Warriors movies stories is about Michelle Yip of the Hong Kong police is a mild-mannered Kung Fu expert; Michael Wong from air security is happy-go-lucky, stuck on himself, constantly talking, and smitten by her; Yamamoto is quiet, hard-boiled, leaving the Tokyo police to spend time with his wife and daughter. They form an alliance when they foil a hijacking on a plane flying a mob prisoner from Tokyo to Hong Kong. The mobster and his would-be rescuer die; this sets off two avengers who were their blood brothers. Our three cops become the targets. (Source: IMDB)

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