Right Now, Wrong Then (2015)

Right Now, Wrong Then is original movies from South Korea release in 2015 with original title 지금은맞고그때는틀리다 but this movies knowed As Jigeumeunmatgogeuddaeneunteullida or.
Right Now, Wrong Then movies stories is about By mistake, film director Ham Chun Su arrives in Suwon a day early. With time to kill before his lecture the next day, Chun Su stops by a restored, old palace and meets an artist named Yoon Hee Jung. Together, they go to Hee Jung’s workshop to look at her paintings, have Sushi with Soju for dinner, and get close. Later, they go to another cafe and have more drinks with Hee Jung’s acquaintances. When asked if he is married, Chun Su is forced to reveal the fact that he is, and Hee Jung gets deeply disappointed… In the second part of the film, a similar story of meeting and parting unfolds. Here, the woman’s voice seems intimidated and her body crouched. The man and the woman go about to the same places, but this time the man strips himself and whatnot. (Source: KoBiz)

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