Revenge: A Love Story (2010)

Revenge: A Love Story is original movies from Hong Kong release in 2010 with original title 復仇者之死 but this movies knowed As Fuk sau che chi sei.
Revenge: A Love Story movies stories is about Two gruesome murders occur. Both murders target police officers and their pregnant wives. In each of the murders, the pregnant woman’s as of yet unborn babies were removed and left to die next to their mother. The killer Kit is shortly later apprehended on a bus while trying to flee the scene of his latest murder. Months earlier, Kit is a young man selling steamed dumplings in front of a small neighborhood grocery store. One day, he spots a young woman Wing walking by with her grandmother. Kit falls for the woman at first sight. Wing is a mentally challenged high school girl. As Kit and Wing’s relationship begins to develop a brutal and tragic act of mistaken identity sets in motion a horrific cycle of violence and revenge.

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