Psychic Agents (2018)

Psychic Agents is original movies from Japan release in 2018 with original title 増山超能力師事務所 激情版は恋の味 but this movies knowed As Masuyama Chonoryokushi Jimusho: Bakijohan wa Koi no Aji.
Psychic Agents movies stories is about Keitaro is the leader of the Masuyama Psychic Bureau. His team and he deploy their special powers to solve riddles and tackle crime. Atsushi, who is one of the psychics, comes across Aoba when he is handing out flyers one days and it is love at first sight. Aoba also has psychic powers unbeknownst to him. The woman, however, is soon connected to crimes and falls under suspicion. (Source: IMDb)

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