Planck Constant (2015)

Planck Constant is original movies from South Korea release in 2015 with original title 플랑크 상수 but this movies knowed As Peulrangkeu Sangsu or.
Planck Constant movies stories is about Kim Woo Joo goes to a beauty salon to have his hair cut 1mm every day. During his haircut, Kim Woo Joo imagines the assistant hairdresser’s skirt becoming shorter little by little. At a cafe, he writes down a script by using his erotic imagination on an attractive female employee. Whenever the female employee refills his coffee, surprising things happen to her. At the movies, he stares at a woman sitting next to him. She leaves the theater and he follows her, but she disappears. He climbs to the top a mountain during winter and meets three women. They have a secret conversation, but the three women don’t know him.

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