Partners (2010)

Partners is original movies from Japan release in 2010 with original title パートナーズ but this movies knowed As .
Partners movies stories is about 19-year-old freeter Osanai Tsuyoshi enters a school for guide dog trainers. After 2 years of training, Tsuyoshi becomes an assistant trainer. His first dog to train is Chie. Chie was separated from his mother 2 months after birth and then lived with the Hasegawa family. Chie lived there for 10 months and then was sent to the dog training school. Tsuyoshi tries to train Chie as a guide dog, but it does not work well. Tsuyoshi then talks to Miwa, the 10-year-old daughter of the Hasegawa family. Miwa is especially close to Chie and tells Tsuyoshi the only thing she did with Chie was love the dog. One day, in front of Tsuyoshi and Chie, a rock singer named Makoto appears. Makoto has become blind from an accident. Since losing her sight, Makoto has closed her mind to the world. Now, Tsuyoshi and Chie try to open her mind, but an accident happens to Chie.

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