One-night Stand (2017)

One-night Stand is original movies from South Korea release in 2017 with original title 원나잇스탠드 but this movies knowed As One Night Stand.
One-night Stand movies stories is about The temptation of a night that should not have been allowed. Interior designer Ji-yeon (Lee Ja-eun) is busy finishing construction of the museum. As she is about to get married, she is extremely busy, but she even prepared for her father-in-law’s birthday party. Her fiance Jae-hoon (Joo Hee-joong) is also busy, so Ji-yeon has doubts about marriage because of her fiance who neglected her. It is the morning of an important presentation and Ji-yeon, who overslept, drives her car in a hurry. Eventually, the car breaks down and stops. Jun-seok (Bae Jung-hyun), a man who appeared in front of a bewildered Ji-yeon. With Jun-seok’s help, Ji-yeon saves the day, and later Ji-yeon and Jun-seok meet again at her father-in-law’s birthday party. Meanwhile, Ji-yeon, angry at his fiance Jae-hoon’s call that he can’t attend the party, drinks a lot, and Jun-seok, who was watching her, kisses Ji-yeon forcibly. Ji-yeon who unwantedly ended up in a one-night stand with Jun-seok, can’t accept it… Jun-seok, who is gradually obsessed with Ji-yeon, says he wants only her so badly, and he keeps chasing after Ji-yeon more and more!

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