One Minute More (2014)

One Minute More is original movies from Taiwan release in 2014 with original title 只要一分鐘 but this movies knowed As Ibbun kan dake or Zhi Yao Yi Fen Zhong or A Minute More or 一分間だけ or.
One Minute More movies stories is about Cai Wen Zhen is an editor of a fashion magazine. Her boyfriend, Chen Hao Jie works from and takes meticulous care of her allowing her to excel in her career but leaving her clueless about real life. By chance, she adopts a Golden Retriever, Li La, which drastically challenges her powerful and furious life. She begins to wake up early, cook and take care of a newborn. In order to give the growing Li La the better living environment, Wen Zhen and Hao Jie moves home and buys a new car. Miss Lin, the director of the magazine causes a massive shakeup within the magazine giving Wen Zhen the opportunity to be promoted to her dream position as Chief Editor. She begins to invest more effort into her work but as her career soars, she devotes more time to her work.

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