My Girlfriend is an Agent (2009)

My Girlfriend is an Agent is original movies from South Korea release in 2009 with original title 7급 공무원 but this movies knowed As 7Keup Kongmuwon or Level 7 Civil Servant or 7th Grade Civil Servant.
My Girlfriend is an Agent movies stories is about Secret agent Ahn Soo Ji works undercover as a bride-to-be real estate agent. Her real life boyfriend Jae Joon is completely distraught over Soo Ji’s frequent absences and even harder to believe excuses. Jae Joon then decides to leave her and for that matter the country of Korea itself. He calls Soo Ji one last time at the airport Incheon International Airport, but unfortunately Soo Ji is unable to answer his call because she is working undercover to bust an international crime organization.

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